Martinscica boat charter

Martinščica does not have a very long history, but it is a beautiful village situated on the most calm part of the Cres coast, near a big bay that is open towards the SW.

Today it is considered a very pleasant village with rich Mediterranean vegetation and dedicates exclusively to family tourism and camping. With its beautiful beaches on the northern part and its intact nature, it offers great possibilities for a beautiful and active holiday.

The harbor is very well protected from the bora winds even when they are very strong. It is required, to be very careful, when the scirocco wind blows, because the sea becomes very choppy.

It is possible to anchor in the middle of the bay, where the depth of the water is about 5m and the ground provides a good hold. Mooring is possible on the inner side of the harbor pier. On the SW side of the harbor there are other two piers, but it is not advised to use them since there are rocks and the water is very shallow.

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