Island Krk or the Golden Island! 
The history of the town Krk dates back to the tribe and Iapodes Liburns, and in sixth century was populated by Croats. 
Well known destinations on Island are Punat, Baska, Krk, Silo, Malinska, Omisalj and Dobrinj. Beside beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature we are suggesting you to visit island Kosljun, near Punat wich is a resting place of Catherine Frankopan. Baska ploca (Tablet) dates from the year 1100. years and is regarded as the birth certificate of Croats. Also worth your seeing is cave "Biseruljka", Vrbnik, which is famous for "Zlahtina" indigenous varieties of wine that originated the famous sparkling wine from the sea "Valonet". 
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Krk 00385 (0) 51221310 
Baska 00385 (0) 99 210 4090 
Vrbnik 00385 (0) 857 000 
Silo 00385 (0) 852 070 
Punat 00385 (0) 51 64 111 

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00385 62 200 000